Dr. James is the main doctor of Patched Heart Hospital.

Doctor James
Dr James
Dr. James, Base from
Vital statistics
Name Doctor James
Alias Doc
Gender Male
Age  ???
Species Human
Hair Color Ginger Red
Eye Color  ???
Height 5'
Weight 125 Ilbs
Blood Type  ???
Family None
Birthday  ???
Astrological Sign  ???
Occupation Head Doctor
Hometown ???

Tiggles (OP)

Tiggles, the founder of Bad End World, is also the OP and roleplayer behind James. She's calm and lenient for the most part, keeping a rather silly and laid-back demeanor. Though, when someone opposes her opinions, she can get a little competitive. If you feel she has gotten too competitive, please alert Calamity so he may comfort her.

Sadly, she's stuck on Pesterchum Mobile, which makes many things hell. She may play various other characters on the same handle for convenience.

Dr. James

He was the first one shoved into this world, but he was in pieces and his guts were spilled out of his body. He had to sew his arms on with his teeth and go from there. He has staples in his jaw to hold his skin together. Otherwise, you'd get an eyeful of pearly white skeleton teeth. He wears converse because v quiet anarchy. also his coat somehow has lots of pockets? don't be shocked if and when he pulls out a huge object from one of those pockets. YES HE DOES NEED GLASSES, NO YOU CAN'T SEE HIS EYES